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  ÐÀO Duy Lâm , Assoc.Prof. Dr.Eng.   

  Date of birth :   03 Oct. 1979

  Place of birth: HANOI – VIETNAM

  Nationality :      Vietnamese

  Mobile   :           +84. (0)9 12 53 27 28

  Email :         daoduylam@utc.edu.vn                           

  Web  :               http://lâmutc.vn

 Office :    R.308-A6  University  of Transport and Communications, VIETNAM.

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Professional experiences

 10/ 2003 – now:

      Organization:   University of Transport and Communications

                            Faculty of Civil Engineering

                            Urban Transport Works and Coastal Engineering Division

       Post:            Lecturer - Researcher ; Associate Professor (from 2016)

- Give lectures on transport construction engineering, urban transport works engineering, concrete structural design, material structure, sustainable development, optimal design,...

- Inspection, quality and technical Consultant in load testing, quality verifying, certification of conformity, technical and construction design for bridges, roads and tunnels (BaiChay stayed-cable bridge, Binh bridge, NhatTan bridge, Vinh Tuy bridge, Thu Thiem bridge, Can Tho bridge, HoChiMinh national highway, interchanges in Hanoi and HoChiMinh city, Metro Hanoi,.... ).

  9/2012 – now:

      Organization:   VITEC Engineering

       Post:              Chairman

  05/2013 –  6/2013:

      Organization: LGCGM (Laboratory of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering).

                          National Institute of Application Science INSA de Rennes – France.

      Post:             Invited Researcher

  05/2011 – 06/2011:

      Organization:   Ecole des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux

      Post:               Teaching internship

      ICA- Group: Properties of advanced materials and microstructures

   02/2007 –  12/2009:

      Organization: LGCGM (Laboratory of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering).

                          INSA de Rennes – France.

      Post:             PhD Candidate

  02/2003 – 08/2003:

    Organization Laboratory MA2G (Laboratoire de Mécanique Appliquée, Automatique et Géomécanique). INSA de Rennes – France.

    Post  :             Assistant researcher

 Technical advisor and collaborator of some companies.

- Certificate of construction supervisor (2010)

- Certificate of professional design engineer (2010)

- Certificate of bidding professional (2011)  

Education and training

 11/2009 : Doctor of Engineering Degree (INSA de Rennes)

  2006 - 2009:  PhD Candidate - Civil Engineering.

                     - INSA de Rennes, France

                     - University of Transport and Communications, Vietnam

  subject: "A posteriori error estimation for non-associated plasticity problems"

    08/2003 : Master’s Degree (Diplome des Etudes Approfondie)

   09/2002 – 07/2003 : D.E.A (Research Master)  Mécanique des Matériaux et des Fluides,  Génie mécanique, Génie Civil co-habilitation of INSA Rennes, University of Rennes 1, Universityof Occidental Bretagne and University of South Bretagne). France.  

     06/2002 :      Engineering Degree

     1997 -2002 : University of Traansport and Communications  

                      No 3 Cau Giay Str., Hanoi, Vietnam

                        Civil Engineering Department

                        Bridge and Highway  Speciality

                        Well academic record

     06/1997 :      High-school diploma

Studied Works

   2009-now: Evaluation of bridge structural behavior; Plastic analysis in civil engineering; New materials and new technologies for sustainable delopement; Optimal design in civil engineering; Urban transport works.

        2007 -now: A posteriori error estimation for non-associated plasticity problems in Civil Engineering   

         2007 : Ultimate charges of  Structures in Civil Engineering 

        2006 : Application of fracture mechanic in  the analysis of  particular bridge-structures  comportment                    

                     Ultimate charges of   bridge-structures

        2005 :  Interface of soil-structure

                     Concrete Bridge Design for New Specification for Design of Highway Bridge 22TCN 272 - 01

                    Stayed-Cable Composite bridge-structure

       2004 :  Interaction of soil-structure (Soil and foundation of bridge).  Auto calculation of retaining wall. Aerodynamic of stayed-cable bridge.

     2003 :  Microstructural Simulation of Interface soil-inclusion (using   distinct element simulations - code PFC of direct shear tests ).       The microstructural analysis performed leads to the characterization of the macroscopic interface, an expression of the macroscopic friction angle is proposed as dependent on the interface macro-roughness and on the micro-roughness of particle-plate contacts. Stage of D.E.A at the Laboratory MA2G. INSA Rennes –France.

Articles and Books

About 35 articles and 8 books, some main publications:

      4/2011: "A family of bi-potentials describing the non-associated flow rule of pressure-dependent plastic models". Published Article – Acta Mechanica 220, 237–246 (2011).

      11/2010: "Design and technical aspects of Immersed tunnel joint applied to Thu Thiem tunnel in Vietnam" Article –CIGOS-2010 : High-rise buildings and Underground structures, Paris, France

     12/2009: "A variational stress update algorithm for the non-associated Drucker-Prager model with linear hardening". Submitted Article – International Journal of Engineering Science

     11/2009: "A posteriori error estimation for non-associated plasticity problems"    PhD. thesis – INSA de Rennes, France

      11/2008: " A Variational Stress Update Algorithm for The Non-Associated Drucker-Prager Model with Isotropic Hardening " Article – The International Conference on Computational Solid Mechanics CSM2008

        11/2008: " Analysis of Von Mises elastoplastic Model with Isotropic Hardening using finite element method" (Article - UTC - Scientific Conference  Review)

      10/2006: Vietnamese-English Dictionary of Bridge Engineering

                          (Book - Civil Engineering Publisher)

         12/ 2005: Examples on Concrete Bridge Design type I, T, Super-T  for the Specification 22TCN 272 - 05 (Book - Civil Engineering Publisher)

        11/2005: Analysis of soil-structure Interface by Distinct element method

                         (Article - UTC - Scientific Conference  Review)

        11/ 2004: Examples on Concrete Bridge Design for New Specification for Design of Highway Bridge  22TCN 272 - 01 (Article - Civil Engineering Publisher)

        01/2004: Distinct element method and application in construction works

                         (Article - Bridge and Road National   Review)

       07/2003: Microstructural Simulation of Interface soil-inclusion, Master thesis – INSA de Rennes, France

Full list

Computer skills

   Adequate practical computer skills in office software such as Microsoft Office, Latex...

    Fluent using MATLAB, MathCAD, AutoCAD, FEM softwares (ANSYS, SoFisTiK, RM, Midas Civil, SAP, FP-MultiPier,...)

    Knowledge of C, Fortran, Visual Basic, Photoshop, MX Road, MX Rail Track, Plaxis, Robot, Atena, Power Rebar, Distinct elements method (PFC 2D, 3D)… 


         Vietnamese        mother tongue

         French                fluently

         English               Speaking, Writing, Reading – Good Working

        Japanese             elementary

Personality and other abilities


         Hard working


         Willing to work as a member of a group and to cope with pressure

         Able to work independently


         Reading, music, football, ping-pong,cinema, travelling...